Thursday, July 08, 2010

Who'll Win the World Cup Map Survey?


SurveyMapper is a free real-time geographic survey and polling tool from the ever resourceful Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis. There are a lot of other web based ‘polling sites’ already in existence but SurveyMapper is the first I've seen that allows you to observe the results in real-time on a Google Map.

To get an idea of how SurveyMapper works check out the results of this public perception of crime survey. If you look at the mapped results for London you can see how effective it is is to have a geographical view of the data. The map clearly shows how residents in East London perceive crime in their area as very high, whereas West Londoners are far happier in their perception of crime.

Currently SurveyMapper is in beta testing in the UK, with coverage down to postcode level. Users can create a survey about anything they want and can survey the nation, a county or just a street. Once a survey closes you can download the data and use it for anything you wish or simply examine the map and the statistics.

SurveyMapper plans to expand to Europe shortly and then to the United States and after that the World, allowing surveys and polls down to building level.

Oh, If you have an opionion about who will win the World Cup you can vote on this World Cup 2010 map survey. Perhaps surprisingly the Netherlands, at the time of writing, are in the lead.


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