Friday, July 09, 2010

Aerial Imagery Now on Google Maps

A few months ago Google released Aerial imagery for the Google Maps API for a few select cities in the USA. Today the aerial imagery has graduated to Google Maps and the coverage has increased as well.

Aerial imagery in Google Maps is obviously inspired by Bing Maps 'Birds' Eye' view. Somehow it seemed inevitable that after Bing Maps started copying 'Street View' that Google would respond with their own Bird's Eye view.

Currently 'Aerial' imagery is available in Dortmund, Venice, South Africa and selected locations in the USA. When the oblique view imagery is available an 'Aerial' button will appear next to the other buttons in Google Maps.

You can view some selected locations in Google Maps Aerial View from the USA and South Africa in this map I created with the Google Maps API. Imagery from the new locations will start appearing on this map soon ...

Via: Google LatLong


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