Friday, July 16, 2010

Connecting Garmin Connect to Google Maps

Garmin Connect - Explore

Garmin Connect is a free web service that allows Garmin customers to store, view and share activities and locations recorded by Garmin fitness and recreational devices.

Following an activity, Garmin users can upload their tracked location data to Garmin Connect. Users can personalize and categorize each activity. Garmin Connect then calculates measurements, such as time, distance, speed, and heart rate and displays the resulting information using Google Maps, charts, illustrations and reports.

Using the Garmin Connect Explore map users can search for uploaded tracks by location and by name, type or by other keyword. If you click on any of the map markers you can view the track on the map. If you select the 'view details' link you can view the detailed telemetry data for an individual track.



Anonymous said...

Why does the link take me to itunes?

Keir Clarke said...

@anonymous - Ooops - not sure what happened there. The link is fixed now.

Blodsmak said...

Garmin Connect has switched to Bing Maps, but it's possible to change that in Firefox and Chrome: