Saturday, July 10, 2010

German Google Maps Mashup Round-up


Geopaint is a Google Maps mashup with the map as a canvas and your mobile phone as a brush. Geopaint periodically fetches your current location and connects the dots to create line paintings of your movements.

It is possible to change the colour and the size of your brush as you move around. As well as creating your own geoglyphs with Geopaint you can view the paintings created by others.

Although developed in Germany Geopaint is in English and whilst it was developed for mobile browsers you can access it from your desktop computer.

This site uses Google Maps to show the weather in Germany. It is possible to view the current weather and the predicted weather for the next two days. also includes quick links to zoom in and view the weather in different German cities.

Wanderservice Schwarzwald
Wanderservice Schwarzwald is a hiking map for the Shwarzwald region of Germany. The map shows the location of hiking trails throughout the region.

As well as viewing hiking trails directly on Google Maps the site allows you to view transit routes, tourism points of interest and other layers.


This Google Maps mashup is a great guide for visitors to south-east Germany. The map includes a huge number of selectable layers for you to find things to do and see in the region.

The layers include, restaurants, museums, parks, churches and many more.


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Albin said...

The Innviertel-Hausruck (the region presented with this mashup) is in Austria, not Germany...