Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Toronto Google Maps Mashup Round-up

Toronto Star: Map of the Week - Car Ownership

This week's Toronto Star Google Maps mashup is a map that shows car ownership in the Greater Toronto Area (although the title of the map, 'GTA Car Ownership Map', did make me wonder if it was a map of people who owned stolen cars).

The map is a heat map of car ownership as a percentage of households, using data from the 2006 census. The Map of the Week blog has an interesting analysis of the data. The analysis show a correlation between car ownership and income. The map also show some correlation between good public transportation links and low car ownership.

Rent Compass

Rent Compass can help you find properties to rent in Toronto and other Canadian cities.

You can search for properties by price, property type and by location. The results of your search are handily displayed on a Google Map. The map uses different map markers to show whether the properties are houses for rent or apartments.

If you click on the 'more details' link in a property's map marker a lightbox style window opens with the full details. If you want to be able to search for rental properties whilst on the move Rent Compass is also available for the iPhone.

Bring My Own Wine

This Google Maps mashup shows the location of bring your own wine restaurants in Toronto.

If you click on a map marker you can get the address of the restaurant and the corkage fee. The restaurants are also listed under the map.


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