Sunday, July 25, 2010

WikiLeaks War Logs on Google Maps

Afghanistan: The War Logs Map

On Sunday WikiLeaks released 92,201 records of individual events or intelligence reports from US military files pertaining to the war in Afghanistan. The New York Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel were all given access to the material several weeks ago. All three publications have now released a series of articles about the leaks. The Guardian has also produced an interactive Google Map.

The Guardian's 'The War Logs Map' geotags a selection of 300 of the key intelligence reports. The paper claims that they "have ensured none includes information identifying intelligence sources or putting Nato troops at risk".

The map is really just a navigation guide to the war logs. The logs are mapped by category; 'accident', 'Afghan friendly fire', 'coalition friendly fire', 'civilian casualties', 'demonstration / unrest' and 'other'. Each map marker contains a link to read the war log in full.

The Guardian have also provided a link to the data behind the map. So if you think you can do better in mapping the data you are free to give it a go.


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