Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Microsoft Street Slide - Updated (again)

Google Maps Street Slide

Microsoft Research has developed a pretty cool demo of what they are calling Street Slide. I won't bother describing it as you can see it in action yourself in the video above.

Watching the video I couldn't help thinking that you could produce something very similar with Google Maps Street View. I knocked together this proof of concept in about an hour. I think with a few more hours on this and a little help with jQuery you could actually get something that looked and worked very well.

Update: I've now added a demo for the south side of Oxford Street. The first demo just uses the static images for Street Views and places them side by side.

In this second demo I've tried to stitch the images together. This take a bit more work (with Photoshop), so for now I've only got fours Street Views in this example. So to load the Street Views just click on different parts of the image.
If you think you can develop this further help yourself to the code.



Kyle said...

I've got a brilliant out of this world idea! *Insert light bulb here*

If you want side-view why not just move the imagary sideways to a store-front and move up and down using the arrow keys!

That way not only can you use side-view you can alos use the 360% view whenever you wish!

Aren't I a geneius

(insert buttloads of sarcasim here)

Actually I don't see the big point in side-view when I can do the same thing on Google Street View by just aiming the camera but everyone has their own opinion.........even the little guys like me.

Kyle said...

Looks like I was wrong in my above post! :o

I just saw the video and it appears MS will also have their own friggin version of street view panaromas seperate of Googles.

I thought it was just side-view only and I was like WTF?

Original thinking below:

Microsoft: Side view only:

Google: Street view only:

Equals: Confusing views only:

New thinking below:

Me Shut trap.

Anonymous said...

Google is going DOWN! and it should!

Anonymous said...

MS has published StreetSlide on iPhone Bing App, but not on desktop yet.