Wednesday, July 21, 2010

German Street View Imagery

Dutch website discovered some errors in the Street View imagery for the town of Rijssen in the Netherlands. Instead of showing the Dutch town some of the imagery actually showed the German town of Marl.

Since the post Google seem to have been busy removing the offending imagery. If you visit the Street View for the address that posted all you will see is a black screen with the message that 'This image is no longer available'. However Google haven't yet found all the German Street Views of Marl.

Check out the blue sign in this Street View. It seems to say 'Rosenstrasse'. There is a Rosenstrasse in Marl in Germany. The blue skip also seems to belong to Somplatzki, a German company. So I'm guessing this Street View is not of Munsterpad as indicated by the address but of a street adjoining Rosenstrasse in Marl.

Around the corner from Rosenstrasse in Marl is Nelkenstra├če. Here's the Street View:

Via: Street View Funny


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