Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Google Maps of Local Problems

Gerecht Geht Anders

We all sometimes have problems with our neighbourhoods that we would like to see fixed. Whether it is an annoying pothole, some ugly graffiti or problems with local street lighting it is very useful to be able to report these problems on-line.

If you are lucky enough to live in the US, UK or Netherlands you have been able to use SeeClickFix, FixMyStreet or Verbeterdebuurt respectively to report local problems to the local government. Now German web users have their own Google Maps based local problem reporting website thanks to Gerecht Geht Anders.

Users of Gerecht Geht Anders can use Google Maps to highlight a problem in their neighbourhood. They can even add a video to the map to show the full extent of the problem. Gerecht Geht Anders is in fact part of a wider campaign to protest against cuts in taxation that the users claim is leading to cuts in local services.

Also See
  • SeeClickFix - US site for citizens to report local problems
  • FixMyStreet - UK site, allows citizens to report local problems. All problems are then passed onto local government
  • Verbeterdebuurt - Dutch local problems reporting site

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dublinstreams said...

311 sites is this genre, it should be possible to make one of these just using google apis, shouldn't it,... with medium difficultly any tips, tried it ages, need to try again, being able to email to various filtered council depts