Friday, July 09, 2010

Netherlands Google Maps Round-Up

The following Dutch Google Maps mashups were all submitted to the Google Maps API 5th Year Anniversary Map. Have you added your map yet?


This Dutch Google Maps mashup can help you find locations that are related to nature and the environment in the Netherlands.

The huge amount of information on this map is organised into a number of categories. Form the map sidebar it is possible to select from 'Sustainable Economy', 'Flora & Fauna', 'Culture', 'Information', Energy & Recycling', 'Infrastructure', 'Land & Water', 'Recreation', 'Mobility' and 'Pollution'. Each of these categories has itself a large number of selectable subcategories.

Each information window contains an embed option to show a small map of the current point of interest on your own website or blog. There is also the option to get more detailed information about the location and to get driving directions.

This Google Map shows the location of all supermarkets in the Netherlands. Users can search the map to find their local supermarket. Each supermarket map marker includes a link to the store's website.

This Google Map shows the opening hours of shops in the Netherlands. You can search the map by location and by type of shop.

The shops in the Opentot database include supermarkets, DIY, electronic, pharmacies, garden centres, warehouses and real-estate agents.


RouteNX is an amazing route planner for the Netherlands that solves the travelling saleman problem of finding the quickest route when you have multiple stops to make on a journey.

Add your addresses to the map and RouteXL will plan your route, taking in all your stops and in the optimum time.

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