Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pond Life on Google Maps

Water Survey Photo Map

The Natural History Museum in the UK asked the public to carry out water surveys in their neighbourhood. The idea behind the crowd-sourced survey was to help scientists learn more about how polluted our lakes and ponds actually are.

In response to the survey the Natural History Museum has created a number of Google Maps mashups. The Water Survey Results map shows the survey results submitted so far. Each map marker contains the results of the individual survey, giving an overall pond health score and more detailed results.

The Invertebrate Distribution Map shows which invertebrates have been found where around the country. The map allows users to see at a glance the distribution of different water based invertebrates around the UK.

The Photo Map shows the location of pictures taken by participants of the survey.

The Pond Health Score Map shows the location of the healthiest and least healthy ponds. Every survey has been given a health score depending on the invertebrates found. This map shows the pond health scores of the surveys submitted.

The Water Clarity Map shows where the clearest waters been found around the UK.


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