Friday, July 30, 2010

Historical Maps of Scotland

Visualising Urban Geographies

William Edgar, City & Castle of Edinburgh, 1765

Visualising Urban Geographies is a project that aims to bring together historical data provided by Professor Richard Rodger with historical maps provided by the National Library of Scotland. The project's examples website provides access to a very large number of historical maps of Scotland, many of which you can view using the navigational tools of Google Maps.

Maps of Edinburgh, 1765-1945
The Maps of Edinburgh section includes 16 historical maps of Edinburgh from 1765 to 1945. Each of the maps has been overlaid on Google Maps. The maps include a transparency tool so it is easy to compare the maps to the Google Map tiles underneath.

ExMap Viewer

The Exmap Viewer brings together maps from the National Library of Scotland collection and some useful research tools. Features include: adding your own maps and data; Google Street View; bulk geocoding and integration of the Topocoding API.

It is also possible to set up your own instance of the ExtMap viewer using Google Spreadsheets to store your configuration details. Customisable options include: map start point, map layers; bookmarks.

Map and Google Spreadsheets Data Mashup

This is a hugely impressive map viewer that allows you to create your own map mashup with the National Library of Scotland's historical maps and your own geocoded data from Google Spreadsheets.

The viewer includes some example Google Spreadsheet data that geocodes information about tenement plaques in the Marchmont area of Edinburgh. If you wish to add your own data you just need the id number from your Google Spreadsheet.


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