Monday, July 26, 2010

Some Beautiful Norwegian Google Maps

Norwegian weather forecaster have produced a route planner that can not only provide you with directions but can also show you the weather along your route.

The service uses the Google Maps API's driving directions service and overlays the weather forecast for locations along the route. When you enter you starting point and destination also asks you to enter a date and time for your journey. In this way the forecast weather for the time of your journey can also be displayed on the map.

Norway Green Tours

Norway's Youth Hostelling Association has created this Google Maps guide to the west coast of Norway. The west coast of Norway is legendary for its fjords and beautiful scenery. With the Green Fjord Experience you can now plan your trip advance.

The Green Fjord Experience map shows the locations of Youth Hostels on the west coast, towns that you will want to visit and the locations of fjords and glaciers that you will want to see. Each mapped location contains brief details with a link to a fuller description elsewhere on the site.

The Norwegian Trekking Association

The Norwegian Trekking Association have produced a very useful Google Map to show trekking routes in Norway.

The map shows all the trekking routes with red or blue lines. The red lines indicate summer routes and the blue lines show winter routes. As well as the routes the map shows the locations of lodges, cabins and emergency shelters.

If you click on a route on the map you can get details of the trek (in Norwegian), including the trek's distance. If you click on a lodge or cabin's map marker you can get details about opening times and the number of bunks provided.


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