Monday, June 22, 2009

Conquer the World on Google Maps

Battlecell is a social network game of world domination built on top of Google Maps. The game involves building an empire, making alliances and battling against other players.

Each player starts with one cell (one minute of latitude and one minute of longitude) on Google Maps and you expand your territory by buying or conquering other cells. There are 55 million cells and the game can support millions of players.

The video below explains the game in more detail,

Players earn credits over time and you can buy extra credits to help your empire expand more quickly. You can also earn additional credits by inviting your friends to join the game. The game includes a chat option so it should be easy to make alliances with other players.

When you first register there is a very handy step by step tutorial that explains the basics of the game. I advise you not to skip the tutorial, it is essential to understanding the game and by completing the tutorial you will earn extra credits.


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