Monday, June 01, 2009

Live Twitpic Google Map

Twitpic are featuring a live Google Map that animates between the latest photographs uploaded to the Twitter photo sharing site. It seems appropriate that Twitpic should have their own live animated map as the innovative Twittervision, which shows Twitter posts in real time, was the map that first popularised this kind of real-time Google Maps mashup.

Here's a short screencast showing the Twipic map in action:

Twitpic from Keir Clarke on Vimeo.

Other Twitter Maps



Charles said...

Twitpic is a good site and with these added functionalities, it will surely maintain its market share.

Kenny said...

Hi Keir, for Blackberry users, Ubertwitter does the same kind of thing as Schmap geotweeter, allowing you to geotag both tweets and pictures

Unknown said...

there's also