Friday, June 19, 2009

Italian Google Maps Round-Up


Wikiroma is a geoblog website for Rome. The site includes a Google Map, on which all the posts on the blog are geotagged. The Google Map is prominent on the main page and provides a useful navigation tool for readers to find gigs and events happening in their neighbourhood in Rome.

Percosi Emotivi

Percorsi Emotivi is a website tracking the moods of Italians. The geoblog is open and everyone can post directly on the map. Users are invited to subscribe and post the emotions they feel, or have felt, at certain places (streets, squares, monuments, etc.) of Bologna, Italy.

The site is working with local non-profit associations to involve disadvantaged people in the project, in order to create a set of multilayered maps. Percorsi Emotivi are also working on implementing more "social" features like a forum and chat application related to specific places in the city.


Geo4You is an Italian map creation website. Geo4You is able to create custom Google Maps from any kind of geo-data.

Geo4You is highly customizable, both in GUI and in functionality and can be used in many different professional areas (tourism promotion, risk management, spatial analysis, network management technology etc).

You can see a demo map built using Geo4You here.



regina di roma said...

Very interesting. I imagine that tracking Italians' moods is very much like mapping the human genome :)
I look forward to following!

Marco said...

I'm Marco from Wikiroma: really thanx for your mention!