Tuesday, June 02, 2009

University of Arizona Google Map

University of Arizona Parking Map

The University of Arizona has produced a very neat Google Maps Mashup for visitors to their campus. The map shows parking spots, Cat Tran lines and university buildings.

The map sidebar allows map users to select the type of parking they want from, garage parking, metered parking through to motorcycle parking. It is also possible to find any building on the campus from a list of academic/ admin, recreation and / or housing and dorms.

Whan a selection is made from the map sidebar the relevant location is shown by a shaded polygon on the map. All the polygons are clickable and open information windows with additional information, for example building polygons reveal information windows that list the departments based in that particular building. Each information window also has a really cool 'remember' feature. When you select 'remember' the building is then shown highlighted on the map.

Via: Mapperz


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Anonymous said...

It will soon have GPS tracking for Shuttle Bus lines.