Friday, June 05, 2009

Thank Maps It's Friday!

Find the Landmark Maps Game

This fun game involves having to find locations on a Google Map. The game has a large number of categories, such as countries, cities, mountains etc. A really nice feature of the game is that you are given 'hotter' or 'colder' hints as you move around the map.

Your guesses are timed and there is a 'time to beat' score, which I assume is the quickest time that a player has found that location.

Mindpicnic Map Quiz

This incredibly hard place spotting game from Mindpicnic involves you having to guess where in the world a satellite view from Google Maps comes from. Although the views are very difficult to guess the game itself has a very easy to use interface. Just click on the map where you think the satellite image comes from and find out how many thousands of miles (at least in my case) you were out.

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World Environment Day Street View

Rather tenuous I know, but to help celebrate World Environment Day, this week's Street View of the Week is a rather nice shot of a sunset in Scotland.

Via: Google Sightseeing

Where is Your Birthday on Google Maps?

There's a new Twitter meme for finding your birthday on Google Maps. To find out where your birthday is just enter the month and day into the Google Maps search box, for example '6/5'. If today is your birthday, your birthday on Google Maps is just outside of Lagos in Nigeria.

Via: Twitter user iblamefish



sgenius said...

Lagos is not in Benin, but in Nigeria... as well as Benin City is. :D

Keir Clarke said...

thanks! That was obviously meant to read 'near' Benin :).