Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photosynth on Google Maps

Photosynth Map

I'm a big fan of Microsoft's Photosynth. I therefore decided to create this Google Map to highlight some of my favourite Photosynths. The map geotags a number of Photosynths of famous landmarks around the world.

Use the right hand sidebar links to zoom in on a Photosynth and click on the white round map markers to open the Photosynth embedded within the Google Maps' information window.


MyPicsMap is a cool application for viewing Flickr photos on a map. You can view photos of a Flickr user by entering their username or just explore the world through location.

If you click the 'explore' button from the opening screen it is then possible to zoom in on any location. When you pan or zoom the map thumbnails of Flickr photographs are loaded on the fly. The map also comes with a search function, so it is possible to search for your favourite locations.

If you click on a thumbnail the photograph opens in a lightbox directly above the map.



Unknown said...

How? I am trying to make a Google Map to digitally Journal our trip to Winnipeg. I made some Photosynths and would love to put them in. But am apparently not smart enough to figure it out.

Keir Clarke said...

Jena - all you need to do is copy and paste the html code from my example and replace the Polysynths with your polysynths and change the lat/longs to your lat/longs.