Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iran Protests on Google Maps - Update 2

Iran Election Twitter Map

Map Channels has worked with (see map below) to produce a new Twitter and Google Maps mashup that shows you the latest Tweets about the revolt in Iran. It is possible to refine Tweets on the map by hash tags, '#IranElection', '#FreeIran', '#Iran', '#Tehran', '#Mousavi', '#Ahmadinejad' and '#gr88'.

It is also possible to refine Tweets by location. Finally, the makers say that anyone is free to use or modify the code on the site as long as a link is given to have created three Twitter Maps to track the micro-blogging sphere's response to the continuing revolt in Iran. All three maps update every hour and show only the last few hundred tweets.

The first map on the page contains tweets from the United States and Europe using the keyword "#Iranelection". The second map seems to be tweets mainly from France and the third map seems to be exclusively tweets from Iran.

Iran Protests Tweet Map
Iran Protests YouTube Map

Virender Ajmani, of Mibazaar, has created a couple of Google Maps mashups to track the growing protests in Iran over Saturday's election results.

The Tweet map geotags the latest Twitter messages on a Google Map. It is possible to view Tweets from the Middle East, Europe and from the United States on the map from a menu on the left-hand side of the map.

The YouTube mashup displays videos of the protests. Both maps contain forward and back arrows on the map so that you can navigate through the Tweets and videos.



Anonymous said...

Anymore? This seems to be mostly dead.

Keir Clarke said...

Try pressing the refresh tweets button.