Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Japanese Google Maps Round-Up

Solar Eclipse Map

On Wednesday, July 22, 2009 if you are in China, India or on Ishinomura-Kitaio Island, Japan you will be able to view a total solar eclipse. This Solar Eclipse Map shows where you can go to see the eclipse in its totality.

Tech Seminar Timemap

The Tech Seminar Timemap is a mashup of the Simile Timeline, Google Maps and Google Calendar. The site uses the timeline and Google Maps to show where and when upcoming technology seminars are taking place in Japan.

In the map view each marker shows an upcoming event and the events are also listed in the map sidebar. This mashup is so useful I really hope that the developers start adding events for the rest of the world.

Toshogu Shrines at Niko

This mashup geotags a tourist's photographs of the Toshogu Shrines on Google Maps. It is a great example of a personal mashup and a very nice way to display photographs of a holiday or trip.

Photographs from the trip are displayed underneath the map. When you rollover the photographs with your mouse a map marker showing where it was taken opens on the map. Clicking on the photographs opens the picture in a separate web page.

Diddlefinger iPhone App

Diddlefinger, the mashup site that lets you look up Japanese addresses on Google Maps in English, now has an iPhone application. This application is an essential tool for any western tourists to Japan who can't speak the language.

Diddlefinger for the iPhone lets you look up a Japanese address using only romaji ("English") then plot it using the Google Maps application that runs on your iPhone.

It is true to say that you will be lost without it!



Unknown said...

You want Japanese maps? I've got Japanese maps.

Better viewed in Google Earth (see link on page) it plots my course as I walked from Cape Sata to Cape Soya last year.

Unknown said...

What about this ? Backpackers Work and travel guide using google maps.