Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fun on Google Maps

xkcd - Google Latitude

Surfing the Shark

The story of a shark being visible on Google Maps in the sea just off Manley Beach in Australia seems to be doing the rounds again this week. If you want to know the truth about this so called shark have a look at this post I wrote for Google Sightseeing two years ago.

How Big is Africa?

The Scarlett Lion blog found this great map of Africa which contains within it maps of the USA, Western Europe, India and China. The map truly brings home the scale of the African continent. Click on the map above to see it in full.

Google Earth in the News
Google Earth is used a lot by television news programmes to illustrate breaking stories. YouTube user 'jhhatesmustard' put together this great showcase of Google Earth being used by the broadcast media,

Street View of the Week
This week I was going to link to an amazing Street View from inside Google's garage showing a fleet of Street View cars. Unfortunately Google have removed the image from Street View. Luckily, however, our friends at Google Sightseeing managed to grab some stills before the image was removed. heck out their post on Google's Street View Batcave.


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