Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mapping Sound and Noise Pollution

La Montre Verte

SenSaris is a company that make 'senspods', mobile applications that can transmit real time geolocation and other data. The company have developed a small Bluetooth wearable senspod to provide cities with a new means of mapping noise and air pollution with Google Maps.

The senspods are equipped with two environmental sensors (to measure ozone and noise) a GPS chip and a Bluetooth chip.

The La Montre Verte (Green Watch) website is a Google Maps mashup that shows some of the data collected by SanSaris sensors at a number of French locations. Using the map it is possible to analyse noise and ozone pollution at various locations and at different times of the day.


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jharriso said...

HI-I am a senior interior design student in New York city and I am interested in learning more about your sound maps. I have a proposed site for construction of a school for autistic children and I am being challenged to come up with sound mappings of the building site, but have no idea how to go about doing it.

Can you help me by providing some suggestions or details about the google Maps and the process of mapping sound and noise pollution?