Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Using the GE Plugin to Sell Homes

Starward Homes

Starward Homes are using the Google Earth plugin to help try and sell properties in a new development in Ancaster, Canada. The Google Earth presentation of the new development includes 3D models of the homes for sale and a number of tours.

The map includes a Guided Photo Tour of the developments as well as a number of tours of local amenities. The tours include, Travel and Transport, Local Culture, Shopping, Restaurants, Sports and Recreation, Health and Education and Major Attractions.

The tours were created by Oogle Tours. Oogle Tours are a web development company specialising in detailed 3D computer generated models of buildings and trade show booths.


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Hussein Nasser said...

Very creative approach!
This agency can create the 3D models and sell adviertise their home on top of Google Earth Plugin..