Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Your Social Network on Google Maps

QuoVadis Live! Geolocation Service

When Google launched Google Latitude it seemed to ring the death knell for other websites that let you share your location with your friends and let you see the location of those in your social network. With Google's reach and resources it seems almost inevitable that they will end up dominating this market. Unless that is other sites can improve on the service and develop a killer application that hooks users.

QuoVadis Live just might have found the unique selling point that will let them grab market share from Google; that feature is called 'geo-fences'. Geo-fences are areas that QuoVadis Live users can define on a Google Map. Once users have defined a geo-fence they will then receive email notifications and Twitter updates as soon as one of their friends enters the area of their geo-fence. Users can also receive updates when an event of interest happens inside a particular geo-fence.

With QuoVadis Live! users can log their own geolocation and decide to share it with their contacts. Privacy is respected by QuoVadis and the user can decide the level of information they are willing to let their friends see, 'street', 'city' or 'country'. Users can also decide not to share their geolocation at all. Those who set geo-fences only will still receive notification if their friends enter their geo-fence.

The new application works on any internet enabled mobile phone including the most basic ones. Position detection depends on the hardware used and the software installed on the phone.


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