Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jewish Directories Google Maps

Jewish in the City

Jewish in the City provides Jewish directories for a large number of North American cities. Each city has a dedicated web page and each city has its own dedicated Google Maps of kosher restaurants, synagogues, Jewish stores and schools.

The links to the maps can be found in the left hand column on each city page. There are a lot of really useful Google Maps here. I've provided direct links to just a few below:

New York Jewish Store Map
New York Kosher Restaurant Map
New York Synagogue Map
New York Jewish Schools

Los Angeles Jewish Store Map
Los Angeles Kosher Restaurant Map
Los Angeles Synagogue Map
Los Angeles Jewish Schools

Montreal Jewish Store Map
Montreal Kosher Restaurant Map
Montreal Synagogue Map
Montreal Jewish Schools


1 comment:

Diane Romm said...

In many cases the locations for the New York sites on the maps do not correspond to their actual geographic locations.