Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where the British Are Holidaying Map


Throughout June, July and August, Vodafone in the UK is abolishing roaming charges in over 35 countries across Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand. To help promote this offer Vodafone have asked Ben Marsh, who created the awesome #UKsnow Twitter Map, to create a Google Maps mashup that lets people in the UK Tweet where they are going on holiday and then see their trip on Google Maps.

The map plots the user's home location and then adds a polyline to show where they are going on their holidays. Clicking on the small red marker at either end of the polyline opens an information window with the user's portrait photograph, Tweet and the distance in miles that they will be travelling.

To add yourself to the map Tweet the hashtag #ukhols, your age, sex, the first half of your postcode and where you are going this year. For example, "#ukhols 25 F B12 Gran Canaria". You should see your tweet appear on the map within a few minutes.

Via: Techradar


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