Monday, June 15, 2009

US Pollution & Renewable Energy Maps

Air Pollution in Iowa Map

The Des Moines Register has created a Google Map mashup to show the plants in Iowa that emit dangerous chemicals.

It is possible to click on any county in the state to view the markers for that county. Clicking on a county also loads a breakdown of the pollution being emitted by the plants in the county. Clicking on any of the map markers loads a breakdown of the pollution being emitted by that particular plant.

It is also possible to search the map by address to see who's emitting pollution nearby.

National Renewable Energy Map

This Google Maps mashup from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory allows car drivers to find alternative fuel stations throughout the United States. The map includes layers for hydrogen, biodiesel, propane, electric, liquid natural gas, compressed natural gas and E85. It is possible to search the map by address, city, state, zip, or Lat/Long.

It is possible to view layers on the map that display the country's highways, interstates, counties, states and cities. The map also displays heat maps showing the density of usage of hydro-electric, flex-fuel and diesel vehicles.


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