Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Tribute Map

Michael Jackson Twitter Map

Messages on Twitter today seem to be almost exclusively concerned with tributes to the life of Michael Jackson. Mibazaar has created a Google Maps mashup that shows the latest messages about Michael Jackson from Twitter. The map lets you view in real-time tributes to Michael Jackson from around the world.

As usual Mibazaar is allowing anyone to embed the map in their own website. In the UK one national newspaper, The News of the World, has already embedded the map on their website.


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Benjamin said...

Interesting to see the linking up of twitter with google maps api. I wonder what other link ups are likely in the future. It all seems to be going down the user generated content route. There's another example by Vodafone of this type of api fusion here. Maybe it will all end up being one complex web of networked platforms all sharing information.