Saturday, June 06, 2009

D-Day on Google Maps

On the morning of June 6th 1944 six thousand ships carrying American and British divisions landed on Normandy beaches. At the time it was was the largest military operation ever attempted.

American cemetery near Omaha Beach

On D-Day alone, as many as 4,400 Allied troops died. Some 9,000 were wounded or missing. However, the invasion was a critical turning point in the war, and ultimately led to the liberation of Europe from German occupation.

D-Day Invasion Normandy

A Google Earth Hacks user has overlaid a map of the D-Day invasion on top of the Google Earth plug-in. The map shows the routes of the American and British forces on June 6th 1944.

Normandy Heritage

Normandy Heritage have created Google Earth files of 16 U.S. War Department maps of the invasion. The site also has Google Earth tours consisting of placemarks and narrative highlights of some of the key events.

World War Two Timeline Project

The World War Two Timeline Project is an interesting attempt to chronologically and geographically, map the events of World War Two using the open source Simile Timeline. Using the map it is possible to view the major events of World War Two on a Google Map.

You can use the timeline, at the top of the map, to plot the progress of the war on the map. It is also possible to navigate the events of the war via tags. These tags include countries as well as subjects such as naval, aerial and land. The map creators say they have not finished adding data, so this map should become an even more useful resource over time.


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