Monday, June 22, 2009

Mobile Phone Maps Revenue Sharing


Google Maps mashups that let you find nearby points of interest on your mobile phone are becoming fairly thick on the ground. Terrestrica has an interesting revenue sharing model that should help it break into this already crowded market.

In essence Terrestrica is a Google Maps mashup for mobile phones that allows users to add and find points of interest at any location. Users are able to add pictures, descriptions, audio and video files of location points. All uploaded points of interest are available for all mobile users on Terrestrica. The content of each location point is triggered by the GPS in each mobile device.

The video below shows you how to add locations in Terrestrica,

Advertisers on Terrestrica choose which locations they advertise on. The adverts are shown on user's mobile phones when they view a point of interest. Those who upload information to Terrestrica get 25% of all advertising on their location points.

Via: Mapperz


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