Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fractal Mapping

MandelbrotGL is a Leaflet based map of infinite Mandelbrot set pattern. The map uses WebGL to render the Mandelbrot set on the fly in the browser. Therefore the map has infinite zooming, so you can keep zooming into the fractal pattern for ever.

Unfortunately the pattern starts getting a little pixelated after zoom level 20. That still leaves you with a lot of beautiful maths to explore.

Fractal Map also uses the Leaflet library to visualize a number of beautiful fractal patterns. Using the map you can view a number of different fractals and use the map controls to zoom in and out on the repeating patterns.

The map includes a leaflet hash library, which means that you can pan and zoom the map to find your favorite fractal patterns and then share the view by cutting and pasting the URL. The map is also a neat demo of using the Leaflet mapping platform with HTML5 canvas and Web Workers. You can explore how this is achieved on the map's GitHub page.

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