Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Peace & Tranquility Map

It shouldn't be hard to find a little tranquility in England's green and pleasant land. The first step is to escape the country's towns and cities. Before doing that you might want to consult the Tranquility Map to find the best locations to relax.

The Tranquility Map shows you where you can go to escape the incessant noise of modern life. On the map each 500m by 500m square of England has been given a tranquility score. The scores are based on a survey by the Campaign to Protect Rural England.

The nationwide survey asked people what they thought tranquility is and what they thought it isn't. Once they had established what tranquility is they then used a range of national databases to assess how likely each location in the country was to make people feel tranquil. The darkest green areas on the map are the places most likely to make people feel tranquil, the brightest red are the locations least likely to make you feel tranquil.

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