Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mapping God & Money in New Zealand

The New Zealand Herald has mapped religious belief and the Deprivation Index in each New Zealand neighborhood in order to determine if there is any correlation between prosperity and a belief in God.

The God and Money map shows the percentage of residents who indicted that they had no religion in the 2013 census. If you mouse-over a census tract on the map you can view the percentage of people who said they had 'no religion' and the percentages who indicated a belief for each of the main religions. When you mouse-over a census tract you can also view the area's Deprivation Index score.

The Herald claims that there is a correlation between money and a belief in God. They argue that the maps shows that 'religious New Zealanders live mainly in poor suburbs, with rich Kiwis increasingly turning their backs on God and religion'.

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