Thursday, May 07, 2015

Live UK Election Maps

The early results for the UK election are already in. At this very early stage the results seem to be suggesting that the polling companies have got things drastically wrong. What was predicted as a very tight result (with the Labour & Conservative Parties going into the election with the same level of support) already seems to be very wrong.

At the time of writing it seems that the Conservative party has performed better than expected and that they may come close to winning a majority of the seats. The BBC and the Guardian both have live maps of the election results, coloring each constituency as they are declared.

The Guardian have decided to use a cartogram, in which geometry is distorted in order to present all constituencies as equal in size. The BBC are using a more geographically accurate map, which as the night develops may present a more distorted picture - as the geographically larger Conservative seats are colored blue.

This election may prove to be historically important for the future of the United Kingdom. Keep an eye on the Scottish seats on these maps. There is a chance that these seats may all end up being colored yellow (showing SNP wins). If the Scottish National Party end up winning nearly every Scottish seat it's hard to see how the United Kingdom can continue to remain united for much longer.

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