Saturday, May 02, 2015

Pumpipumpe - The Sharing Neighbors Map

The Pumpipumpe Map may not be the prettiest map in the world but it is very useful.

The Pumpipumpe movement started in Switzerland as a way to show your neighbors that you owned a bicycle pump and that you were willing to lend to them if they ever suffered a flat tyre. The way you do this is by placing a sticker of a bike pump on your mailbox.

The scheme has grown very quickly and has just as quickly expanded to other items. You can now order a set of stickers from the Pumpipumpe website which you can add to your mailbox to show that you are willing to lend anything from your step-ladder to your favorite glittering disco-ball.

As well as adding stickers to their mailboxes Pumpipumpe lenders can now also add themselves to the Pumpipumpe map. Placing a pin on the map acts in a similar way as putting a sticker on your mailbox. A pin on the map shows your address. When users click on the pin they can view icons (instead of stickers) of all the items that you are willing to lend.

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