Friday, May 01, 2015

The National Park Photo Map

The National Park Image Gallery is a Leaflet map of the 58 United States National Parks. The map allows you to learn about each of the USA's National Parks and view photos of the parks that have been submitted to Flickr.

The map makes great use of the Leaflet API getBounds() method to update the information in the map sidebar and the Flickr images in the photo gallery based on the current map view. This means that as you pan and zoom the map the National Park links and photos are always relevant to the parks you can see in the map view.

All of the National Parks are highlighted on the map by green polygons. If you click on a park's polygon you can learn more about the park by clicking on the park's Wikipedia link. Zoom in on the park and you can view Flickr photos taken in the park in the image gallery below the map.

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