Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Sounds of the City

Music Where You Are is a location based music discovery map. The map uses the Spotify API to find 'music where you are, where you are going, and where you want to be'.

Share your location with the map and you can discover songs about your location from the Spotify playlist. Alternatively you can search for artists from your searched location. All the Spotify songs or artists from your search are displayed in the map side-panel. Click on a song or artist and you can listen to the music or add the songs / artists to your Spotify playlists.

If you click on the little calendar icon you can also view upcoming gigs around your location.

Spotimap is another interactive map which can help you find location themed songs. The map plots 7,681 songs in 212 cities around the world, as listed in the Wikipedia article List of songs about cities.

Click on any city's musical note shaped marker on the map and you can view a list of songs about the selected city. What's more, if you select any of the songs from the displayed list, you can listen to the song on Spotify.

Roadtrip Mixtape is a great way to create a playlist for a road-trip containing only music by artists that are from the area you are traveling through. Drive through Boston and you might hear Aerosmith or Donna Summer. Drive through New Orleans and you might hear Lil Wayne or Dr. John.

To use the application you just need  to add the starting point of your journey and your destination. Your journey is then displayed on a Google Map. Each leg of the journey is represented on the map by a green marker.

If you click on a marker you can view a list of local artists from that stage of the journey. If you select 'Play this leg' you can listen to the music for that leg of the journey directly from the map.                    

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