Thursday, May 07, 2015

Lego Maps & Lego Street View

In LegoLand everything is made of bricks. That includes Google Maps & Street View. Brick Street View allows you to take a little glimpse into this parallel world and observe how your house appears in Legoland,

Type your address into the Legoized Google Map and then drop the Lego Pegman onto your street. You can then view your home as it would look if it was built with little plastic bricks.

 Brick Street View is the work of Einar Öberg, the creator of the awesome Urban Jungle Street View, which allows you to see your street transformed into a jungle. Brick Street View makes use of the same undocumented depth data stored in Street View. Both apps use that data to create a depth map which can be used to plot geometry and sprites in the 3d space of the Street View panorama.

In Brick Street View the Lego effect is enhanced with added Lego models and textures. The effect is pretty stunning. If you have a search around on the Google Map itself you can also find some of the world's landmarks represented by Lego models. Pegman himself has also been transformed into a Lego figure.

Hat-tip: Street View World

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