Friday, May 29, 2015

The Hip Hop Albums of Street View

Mass Appeal has been doing a little detective work to find the locations where a number of famous Hip Hop album covers were photographed. After finding the correct locations they then superimposed the album covers on top of the same view as seen in Google Maps Street View.

Iconic Hip Hop Albums in Street View features album covers by The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Ice Cube and a number of other famous Hip Hop artists.

Ever since Google launched its 360 degree interactive imagery music fans have been using Street View to find and tour the locations of famous album covers

Back in 2009 the NME created this Musical Tour of London with Google Street View, providing links to Street View locations where a number of classic album covers were taken in the UK capital.

The Guardian also got in on the act. Classic Album Covers in Street View superimposes a number of famous rock covers on images of the same view as found on Google Maps Street View. The Guardian and Mass Appeal both use still screenshots captured from Street View. You could of course overlay the album covers directly on top of Street View using the Google Maps API.

I quickly put together this Street View shot of Pink Floyd's Animals cover. To create an interactive version of an album cover superimposed on Street View I used the Team Maps Street View Overlay library.

If you like The Guardian's version of album covers on Street View you might also like their Classic paintings of world cities meet Google Street View and Classic London paintings in Google Street View.

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