Friday, May 15, 2015

The Gay History Map of New York

OUTgoing: The Hidden Geography of New York's Gay Night Life is a map of New York's past and present gay bars & clubs. The map shows just under under 800 gay nighttime spots from 1890 to the present.

The map includes bars, clubs, bathhouses, coffee houses, cruising areas and late-night diners to document the history of New York's gay nightlife scene. Each nightspot's marker is colored on the map to show if it is a currently operational or an historic location. If you select a marker on the map you can view details on when the nightspot opened and (if an historic location) when it closed.

The map provides a fascinating insight into New York's historic gay nightlife hot-spots. The addition of a timeline (to select specific periods of time) would be a great addition to the map. A timeline control would really help to provide a sense of where New York's gay nightlife scene has flourished and declined over the years.

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