Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mapping the Cost of Property in Amsterdam

The map team at the City of Amsterdam has been very busy over the last two weeks. They have released two great animated maps, Amsterdam Growing Over Time (Amsterdam building ages animated over the centuries) and Housing Plans (an animated map of new housing projects in Amsterdam).

They have now released a new map showing Amsterdam Property Value Taxes. This map provides a heat map of residential property taxes throughout the city. The property value tax per m2 is a good indication of the relative popularity of a neighborhood. If the m2 value is high then you get relatively little space for your money. So it indicates that people are prepared to pay a premium to live in the most expensive areas.

In Albert Camus' novel The Fall the narrator notices how "Amsterdam's concentric canals resemble the circles of hell? The middle-class hell, of course". This middle-class hell burns bright red on this Amsterdam property map.

A distinct band of expensive property runs around the center of Amsterdam, between the Singel and Prinsengracht canals. It has been a few years since I've visited Amsterdam but, if my memory is correct, this band is mainly residential property. Which suggests the most expensive places to live in Amsterdam are close to the city center but not close enough to be disturbed by the tourists and commercial activity of the center. It is a very 'des-res' corner of hell.

Property to the south of Vondelpark is also very costly. However, if you want to live near a park, property around Rembrandtpark & Oosterpark is relatively cheap.

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