Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Jersey's Real-Time Buses & Trains

Last week Maps Mania featured a round-up of live, real-time New York transit maps. If you live in New Jersey you have no reason to feel neglected as you can also view buses and trains in real-time on your own maps.

The New Jersey Live Bus Map shows the position of New Jersey buses in real-time moving on a Google Map. Judging by the number of buses flying around on this map, if you live in New Jersey, you presumably don't have to wait too long for a bus. However, if you do find yourself waiting at a bus-stop, you just need to fire up this map to see how far away your next bus is.

If you find yourself waiting for a train instead then you need to check out the New Jersey Transit Rail GPS map. This map shows the live position of New Jersey trains. Click on one of the trains moving on the map and you can view its full schedule, with the times it will be arriving at each stop on its journey.

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