Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mapping Vancouver's Immigrant Groups

Canadian real-estate website EstateBlock allows house hunters to search for properties in the Vancouver area. The EstateBlock map view not only allows users to search for homes by location but also provides a number of data layers which provide data on Demographics, Crime, Schools, Daycare, Transit and Climate at the neighbourhood level.

EstateBlock has also created a couple of dedicated maps visualizing property prices and immigration data for Vancouver neighbourhoods.  The Immigrants of Metro Vancouver by Majority in the Neighbourhood map colours Vancouver by the major immigrant group in each neighbourhood.

Select a neighbourhood on the the map and you can view the the number of immigrants from the major immigrant group as a percentage of the larger population living in the area,

The Vancouver Land Prices Heat Map visualizes the price for Vancouver parcels of land based on the 2014 BC assessment data from tax reports. Land parcels on the map are colored to reflect the price per square foot of the property.

The map shows that many of Vancouver's most expensive properties are concentrated in the Downtown, West End and Fairview neighborhoods. The map also shows that land prices tend to get cheaper the further you move east in the city. If you select a building lot on the map you can view the exact price per square foot for the property.

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