Monday, May 04, 2015

The Daily Flight Noise Pollution Map

Flights Over Your Neighborhood is a very clever map which can show all the scheduled flights flying over your location and the amount of noise pollution that you will suffer. Unfortunately the map only works if your neighborhood is in Berlin. However, if you don't live in Berlin, the map is still fun to play with.

Enter your address into the application and the map shows the actual routes of all the flights from Berlin airports that will be flying over your neighborhood today. All the flights for the day are displayed on a 3D map by altitude. The map is shown with an oblique view which you can rotate to get a real sense of the altitude of each of the flights' paths over your home.

If you select a flight path on the map you can view details on the plane's estimated time, altitude, and the amount of noise the individual aircraft emits (measured in decibels). The scale beneath the map shows how much noise pollution you can expect for the day in comparison to other areas in Berlin-Brandenburg.

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