Friday, May 22, 2015

Life - Updated in Real-Time

Who needs horizons?

Online we count our days in seconds. For us the sun is always rising, always setting. We watch the day meet the night and the night greet the day on Instagram & Twitter.

When the animation plays on the map of our lives, the days pass by and another colored dot gets added to our digital archive. This is All Our Suns, our animated map of today, played out through Instagram photos tagged #sunset and #sunrise.

Our mediated experiences, our tiny colored dots of life, flashing by on a two dimensional plane. All our days remembered in the digitization of the sun at the beginning and the end of the day.

Our lives uploaded to Instagram. The map updated in real-time.

Sometimes the world seeps through into our virtual lives. The inexorable passing of time - expressed in one hundred and forty characters or less.

The Sunrise Around the World, is a yellow pixel of flashing light. These our days. These are the maps of our real-lives.

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