Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ten Years of the Google Maps API

It has been nearly ten years since the launch of the Google Maps API. That's right - the Maps API is almost as old as Maps Mania.

To celebrate the occasion Google is sending the Google Maps bus out on the road. Starting tomorrow a  customized 1959 GM tour bus will be at Google I/O in San Francisco. After Google's developer conference the bus will set off on a road trip across the USA. On this 14 stop journey across America the bus will be meeting-up with developers and customers before reaching its destination at Disney World.

If there's a Google Maps road-trip then there must be a map. There is - and it's called Code the Road. The map shows all the bus' scheduled stops on its American road-trip and the dates of each stop. It also features a Street View tour, which allows you to explore the inside of the Code the Road bus.

On this trip the bus will be hosting three developer meet-ups, in Boulder on June 4, Chicago on June 9 and New York on June 18 (click on the links if you want to sign-up).

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