Friday, May 08, 2015

Mapping a City's Growth

Yesterday I wrote about how I've been waiting for someone to create an animated map of building age data - in order to show a city growing over time. Incredibly the map team at the City of Amsterdam has responded to that request in a mere matter of hours.

Amsterdam Growing Over Time is an incredible animated map which shows how the city of Amsterdam has developed and grown from a few houses in the 17th century into the dynamic city it is today. Click on the play button and watch as the city's building footprints are added chronologically to the map based on each building's age.

The data for the buildings comes from the Construction and Address Database - BAG. This database provides the age of buildings throughout the Netherlands. Some of the buildings in the database are obviously newer buildings which have been built in the same location and replaced older buildings. However Amsterdam has enough historical buildings still standing for the animated map to provide a pretty accurate picture of how Amsterdam has grown over the centuries.

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