Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Introducing Elastic Maps

A screenshot of the Elastic Terrain Map really doesn't do this map justice. The map is billed as a new way to visualize terrain data that uses animation and really needs to be experienced first-hand.

The magic of the Elastic Terrain Map happens when you pan the map. Wiggle the map and watch it wobble. As you pan and move around the map different parts of the map move at different speeds based on the elevation data.

The effect is a little disorientating at first and can make you feel a little queasy. However as you get used to the effect it provides an interesting way to view elevation - as the valleys and peaks become much more apparent on Elastic Terrain Map than on a map with static map tiles.

Use the back and forward arrows to view Elastic Terrain map work with different map layers. You can learn more about how the map works on the project's GitHub page.

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