Saturday, July 25, 2015

The UK's Top Tech Cities

This is a very interesting look at the location of GitHub users in the UK. It also has some very pretty scaled Octocat markers.

Where is GitHub most popular in the UK is a map of the number of GitHub users (who give a location) in UK cities. Perhaps the most surprising result on the map is London. Despite East London Tech City (aka Silicon Roundabout) being widely viewed as the center of the UK's tech scene London itself has a very small percentage of GitHub users.

The top city for GitHub users is Cambridge, with 3 times as many users as Brighton (the city with the second highest number of users). London itself comes quite a way down the list of the cities with the highest percentage of GitHub users. This could be because London has a more diversified range of industries than other cities. The results also might be different if we looked at a smaller geographic area in London. The percentage of the population with GitHub accounts in the area around Silicon Roundabout could well be a lot higher than London as a whole.

Around 1% of the population of Cambridge has a GitHub account. This is a third of the percentage of San Francisco, where over 3% of the population have a GitHub account. You can view a list of the top U.S. cities with GitHub accounts on The Top Tech American Cities.

You can also read more about how the 'Where is GitHub most popular in the UK' map was made in this blog post.

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